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Health-Care for Corporate Employees
The Right-Care…Right at Work

The Right-Care…Right at Work

Healthcare for Corporate Employees

If you are worried about your employees’ healthcare or about them missing work due to illness or taking time off for medical appointments, we have the solution. USMD-Care provides a turnkey telemedicine healthcare solution for your employees, right at work.

We can bring all the benefits of the doctor’s office right to you at your workplace. Your
employees can avoid busy doctors and ER waiting rooms, parking fees, and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Urgent Care On

  • Next to your food truck, now you will find Urgent Care On Wheels, a complete
    doctor’s office to serve employees right at work

    • Multispecialist doctors available on demand
    • Laboratory services, X-ray, ultrasound
    • Nurses on-site to provide full services:
      • Blood draw, ECG, Nebulizer treatment, spirometer
      • Splints for minor fractures/sprains, Sutures, wound care
      • Dispense Medication, IV fluid hydration, Vaccination

Doctor On Call 24x7

  • Employees have access to Tele-primary care and specialist physicians right from
    their office, home via smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

    • Types of physicians include Internists, psychiatrists, cardiologists
      dermatologists, gynaecologists and more, available on-demand.

Nurse Call Center 24x7

  • A comprehensive remote patient monitoring and management solution with a central monitoring station staffed by a Registered Nurse. The Nurse Call Center has the ability to monitor thousands of patients.
  • Call center nurses receive alerts on patients’ vital signs and share this information
    with physicians for early interventions.


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Personal Health Record (PHR)

  • A powerful, HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end encrypted platform to collect and combine all relevant data, thus delivering personalized care
  • Information is uploaded in real-time into the employee’s health record
  • Evaluate employees’ stress levels for early treatment and increased productivity
  • Monitor their sleep cycle and daily activity.

Virtual Examination Program

  • USMD provides workplace kiosks that allow our physicians to remotely examine employees for precise care.
  • Doctors can hear lung and heart sounds remotely with our state-of-the-art telemedicine equipment.
  • Ear and throat examinations can be performed to determine the proper selection of antibiotics for infections.

Employees Wellness Program

  • We provide biometric measurement devices
  • To track, trend and monitor employees BP, heart rate, sleep cycle, pulse ox, weight and pedometer
  • To monitor employees’ Stress, Anxiety and Depression levels
  • To monitor employees’ Stress, Anxiety and Depression levels
  • Annual examinations and occupational health

Patient Advocate Service

  • We help you to understand your lab results and disease process
  • We help you find you a physician and make an appointment for you
  • Just call or email the type of medical services you need and we will get you an
    appointment with USMD Direct-Certified physician in your area.

Doctor in a box Kiosk

  • An all enclosed Kiosk in a box mounted on the wall with a security key
  • Equiped with computer, digital stethoscope, digital otoscope , Blood presure , pulse oximiter, termometer and weight scale.


Urgent Care on Wheels

Doctor on Call 24*7

Personal Health Record (PHR)

Nurse Call Center 24x7

Virtual Examination

Doctor in a Box

Employee Wellness Program

Patient Advocate Service

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