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Covid Ready

Onsite COVID-19 Testing

Enjoy the convenience of high-volume testing events at your work location.

USMDDirect will coordinate with your team(s) to conduct onsite COVID-19 testing of all employees. Results are tracked and monitored in a customized employer dashboard.

  • Daily COVID-19 Symptom’s Monitoring
  • A complete solution for employees /students to conduct a survey each day to monitor themselves for symptoms of the coronavirus. A clearance certificate is generated each day after performing the survey
  • USMDDirect “Safe-Entry” is a mobile COVID-19 screening/tracking application that enables your organization to conduct daily COVID-19 symptoms surveillance/tracking and on-site temperature screening for their employees, contractors, students, or visitors.
  • USMDDirect “Safe-Entry” web-based survey application together with advanced analytics, HIPPA Compliant secure cloud-based platform. USMDDirect will help your organization to return from this pandemic and reduce anxieties.
  • Administrators have access to the “Safe-Entry” live-dashboard to track analytics including participation and trends over time. The entire system is paperless and gives your organization greater visibility and decision-making power related to your COVID-19 management plan.

On-Site Kiosk to Face Recognize & validate that individuals have passed the daily symptoms screen with normal body temperature prior to entering your organization’s worksite.

  • Individuals are able to log into the HIPAA-compliant web portal and conduct & daily COVID-19 symptoms screening based on the latest CDC guidelines. It also generates a daily Clearance Certificate.

Onsite Temperature Monitoring

Utilizing an infrared bolometer (thermometer) and 2D camera, the Temperature Sensor Pro offers heatmap temperature reading up to 40” away with an optimal distance of 24”. With no alignment needed, the temperature sensor can detect faces, automatically adjust based on height and output temperature data for each person detected in the field of view (FOV).

Detect Individuals (Facial Recognition)

The sensor can automatically detect individual identity, whether a person is Covid-ready to be checked with built-in artificial intelligence.


    • Distance – Read temperature as far as 40″ away
    • Instant Results – Get results within 1 second
    • Accuracy – Measured within +/- .5° C

Deliver Rapid Results

Allow personnel and guests to flow through quickly with a variety of access options. By using the data output from the temperature sensor and USMD App with artificial intelligence, staff can rapidly identify whether it is appropriate for someone to proceed.

COVID-19 Consultation Services

Review your physical workspace(s), HR protocols, and documentation with our medical team to generate a customized action plan grounded in expert medical oversight and COVID-19 operational best practices.

Remote Employee’s Monitoring

USMDDirect provides comprehensive remote Employee Monitoring for Covid-19 better health.

Telemedicine consultation with physician 24×7 is available at

o Tele-Consultation with COVID-19 expert physicians and infectious disease experts are available for the treatment plan for employees or work-place safety plan.
o 24×7 Nurse call center is available to support COVID-19 patients
– Remote 24/7 Vital Sign monitoring for pulse oximeter/blood pressure and temperature
– Tele-Nurse evaluation/support during the quarantine period
– At the end of quarantine evaluation, a Certification of Clearance will be issued.

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