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In the U.S., more than 3 million people go to the Urgent Care clinic every week. Generally smaller that emergency rooms, urgent care clinics can be found all over the country and run by over 20, 000 healthcare professionals and medical practitioners. An urgent care clinic is considered as good as emergency room service regarding medical services with an exception with major trauma related services. Most urgent care clinics are equipped with medical equipment and adequately staffed to provide the needs of patients.

More importantly, like ERs, urgency care clinics are open almost the entire day and night if not 24 hours. Roughly 85% of urgent care clinics are open seven days a week and are already open at 9 am. There are many reasons why Americans seek urgent care services that ER and these are the following.

Relatively Short Waiting Time

Emergency rooms are well known for their long waiting time. You have probably experienced it as well, waiting for hours see a doctor. On the other hand, many urgent care units can assure patients that they no longer need for hours to get medical attention. The doctors, nurse, and staff members are well aware of your medical needs and would do everything possible to provide you with immediate care.  

Cheaper than Emergency Rooms

One of the primary reasons why urgent care is sought after is because it’s relatively less expensive than emergency rooms. Patients can save hundreds of dollars for the same and services ER offers. Urgent care is preferred by patients with no health insurance or has a little amount of money at disposal. Also, many critical care units provide flexible payment options.

Urgent Care Units Offer Almost the Same Service ER Offers

Most urgent care units offer the same immediate treatment and services that ER offers excluding severe trauma. Getting the same services that ER offers and with the other benefits already mentioned, who would not choose urgent care?