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The most unfortunate events in a person’s life would be someone they care about are dealing with a sudden illness or emergency and the door to their physician’s office is closed. This leads to people rushing to their local hospitals, which may not be ideal in case of an emergency that’s bad enough and has no time to spare. In order to know the best facilities that should be provided at a time like this, people must be aware of the best healthcare service available to them.

Urgent Care Medical Clinic are known for not charging fees unlike the emergency departments. Insurance companies and the patients are charged only for the services they render.  A high level of non emergency care is bestowed by the urgent care clinics which is similar to the cost of approximately 1/10th of the cost of an emergency department. However, UCC are known for getting the revenue and are not required to provide impecunious care. Nevertheless, unlike the not-for-profit hospitals, they do not have the tax benefits.

Urgent Care Clinics remain promising to provide service all days of the week with flexible hours. Furthermore, it surely is comforting to know that one does not need to wait for a day or two if their doctor’s cabin isn’t open. The typical wait time at an urgent care clinic is much lesser than that of an ER. This is a significant benefit to everyone who has little time to spare amid of numerous tasks for the day.

Moreover, the quality supplied by the urgent care clinics for non emergency care is more or less similar to that of emergency departments. This proceeds the follow-up facility which adds an advantage against the Emergency Departments (ED) as most of the doctors do not see their patients for follow ups. One of the reasons as to the why the urgent care clinics are reasonable priced and easier to access than an Emergency Room (ER) is because, half of these clinics are maintained by a group of physicians and the other by hospitals, which contribute their own clinics discrete from the EDs.

In contrast, economy of urgent care clinics is responsible for the increasing cost of healthcare in the market of emergency departments due to the major use of emergency departments even for a non-emergent use.

To conclude, it is a very well established fact that the urgent care clinics are the new talk of the town. A way of finding innovative ideas for treating patients who walk-in with an acute illness, getting facilitated by qualified physician without having to wait up in a queue for getting into the emergency departments of the hospitals, is pretty welcoming state-of-art for these clinics. In addition to that, it is also well-known through various researches that an immediate care centre offers numerous healthcare facilities in a varying but most effective costs than a typical emergency room. They are well organized and this is why they are not only leading up to answering “who they are” but also providing detailed standards for elucidating what an urgent care centre actually is.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Urgent Care Clinic in Santa Monica for the benefit of patients of this locality. You can walk if you need urgent care of any kind.